Case presentation:

A young 25 years old patient was operated 2 months ago, after what he got persistent CSF. The patient was seen 05-11-2004 with mild meningism, lethargic, without fever  and no considerable neurologic deficit. The patient performed MRI with contrast 05-11-2004. It showed a huge defect at the right crebriform plate  with air filling the entire ventricular system with massive dilatation of the right lateral ventricle, which was reaching the base of anterior fossa.

The patient was operated 06-11-2004: Through subfrontal approach right side, repair of the dural defect and sealing of the base by muscle and bone graft was performed. Video available. It is very rare to see such complication, that reaching the ventricular system, making wide communication between the ventricular system and the sinuses.